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Every living thing on this planet needs water to survive. Weo has been dedicated to amplifying the most powerful properties in water for over 15 years. At the heart of our products lives our unique water-conditioning system, using electrolysis to enhance water’s most powerful properties. We want to make ultimate hydration easy so you can improve your health everywhere you go.
Who is Weo?Weo is a conscientious health-tech company generating impact by revolutionizing the way we drink water. Our patented biotechnology uses a unique form of electrolysis to amplify the health benefits in water, and is easily installed at home or used on-the-go–making augmented water available to everyone.About the TeamWe are an international team of scientists, engineers, designers, and creatives, with a dream to make better water possible. We have been working with the world’s leading experts in biochemistry and product development to create a product that helps maintain a healthy immune system and reduces the appearance of aging.




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One Powerful Bottle.

Your new favorite water bottle is powered by electrolyzing technology that helps water reach its ultimate health potential.

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Our Story

We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the technology inside Weo. In 2005, we began our quest to discover these possibilities by conducting our first research initiatives in partnership with world renowned scientific institutions like the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnics (CSEM), and Adamant Technologies. Eventually, we developed a proprietary biotechnology that uses electrolysis to evolve the filtered water we drink to help improve health from the inside out.

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