Drink big, on-the-go. A portable water conditioning system that electrolyzes your water for powerful vitality that works.


Where Health
& Water Begin.

Make water do more for you. Active hydration with antioxidant properties that helps improve your overall immune health.

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The Future
of Water.

A new chapter in water science.
Our products are the result of 20+ years of research. Let our team do the work so you don’t have to.

Weo technology consists of powerful
and innovative materials with outstanding properties that amplify water at the molecular level, making it more biologically adaptable.

We break up water molecules (H2O) into active elements including H2, O2, O3, H2O2 and solvated electrons.


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Health Benefits

Active Elements

By electrolyzing the water with diamond electrodes, we break up the H2O molecule so that it is to create powerful combinations of its active elements: O2, H2, O3, H2O2, e- and others, which can then act more intentionally for better health.

– Hydrogen –

Protects, boosts immunity,
supports anti-inflammation.

– Oxygen –

Generates cellular energy production.

– Ozone –

Cleans, stimulates red blood cell function,
enhances blood vessel flexibility.

– Hydrogen peroxide –

Attacks pathogens, benefits microbiome.

Why Weo Water?

Backed by Science.

A water bottle with impressive health benefits and 20+ years of research to prove it. Our team of scientists have been hard at work developing a product that harnesses water’s strongest properties for powerful hydration.

A New You Awaits.

What if water could do more than hydrate? For all the time we spend worrying about staying healthy and energized, our electrolizing technology amplifies water to reach its ultimate potential–so that you can, too.

Water for the Future.

A healthier lifestyle begins with
healthier habits. Using the Weo Bottle will have a significant impact on reducing non-recyclable waste and plastic bottle production around the world.

The App Technology

Want better hydration?
There’s an app for that.

Our life-changing technology doesn’t stop with The Weo Bottle.
Each product is meant to be integrated with the Weo App, allowing you to track your hydration anytime, anywhere. Use the app to activate your bottle, initiate its self-cleaning mode, monitor health levels and water consumption, check your environmental impact, and stay connected to the Weo Community.

A hydration accountability partner in the palm of your hand.

I couldn’t believe how much more water I drank

After trying Weo’s bottle for a few weeks, I couldn’t believe how much more water I drank and how refreshed I felt! I can’t wait for more people to try this product.

Max B. Miami, FL

My workouts have been stronger.

I breathe easier.
I feel great.

Maria F. New York, NY

Sleeping better and felt so much healthier

At first, it was hard to get used to drinking so much water. But soon, I noticed that I was sleeping better and felt so much healthier and I know it’s because of this water!

Kevin L. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Love the effects on my skin!

Wow!! My skin is literally GLOWING.
I can’t believe this actually exists!!

Nicole W. Atlanta, GA

Love it!

How are more people not talking about this???
Water that feels good and tastes good? Yes please!

Sarah H. Houston, TX


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