Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions.
We have the answers!

What is Weo technology?
How does it work?

We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the science inside Weo.
Our proprietary biotechnology evolves water by using electricity to create a chemical reaction at a molecular level. Filtered tap water flows through electrodes coated with a thin layer of man-made diamond and boron, a naturally-occurring element.

Can I use tap water with my Weo bottle?

For best results, we suggest always using filtered water with your Weo Bottle. Because tap water is uncontrolled, the levels of chloride and fluoride might cause an unpleasant taste with the additional oxygen and hydrogen that occurs during electrolysis.

How do I know if Weo products are right for me?

Weo’s unique technology energizes water. Weo water is part of a healthy lifestyle that promotes overall well-being. If you’re looking for water with vitality, then we are right for you!

What makes Weo’s water different from other water?

Weo’s technology doesn’t add or take anything away from water. We use a specialized technology to create an augmented water unique to Weo. We take what naturally occurs in water – the combination of hydrogen and oxygen –  and produce a truly vitalized water.

What does Weo water taste like?

Because nothing is added, Weo water tastes as fresh as the filtered water you use to fill up your products.

Are the benefits behind Weo Water scientifically-proven?

Weo has over 15 years of scientific research under its belt. Working with the world’s leading experts on health and wellness, we have funded and conducted more than 45 research studies surrounding augmented H2O molecules, immune functioning, cellular senescence and more–all leading us to the patented biotechnology inside our products today.

How can I learn about the research behind Weo?

You can head to our ‘Science’ page here. Or reach out to our team of bio and engineering experts here.

How do I use my Weo product?

Once you receive your product, make sure to download the Weo app and follow the prompts from there. You will be able to activate your product from your phone, follow your hydration levels, and stay connected to the Weo community. Fill up your product using filtered water, activate the technology, and you will have fresh, electrolyzed water in seconds. Enjoy your Weo water within one hour of activation for best results!

What kind of water can I use?

Though Weo can work with ordinary tap water, we strongly suggest using filtered water for the best quality results possible.

Can my kids drink the water?

Weo’s water is safe for everyone to drink!

Can my pets drink the water?

Weo’s water can definitely be given to your pets!  Stay tuned for a line of Weo pet bowls coming soon.

Can I water my plants with Weo?

Of course! Much of our research revolves around agriculture, so let your plants take advantage of the benefits, too.

What comes with my product purchase?

Each of our products comes with our innovated diamond-coated electrode technology. With the integration of our Weo app, each product comes with water intake monitoring, reminders to stay hydrated and connection to our Weo Community of users.

How often should I drink my water?

According to the Mayo Clinic, The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is: About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men. About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. Your daily amount of exercise and/or medication use may also be factors that raise your daily water intake needs. Always consult your licensed health care provider for exact recommendations.

Can I drink other kinds of beverages while drinking my Weo water?

For best results, we suggest being as consistent with your Weo water intake as possible. Drinking other beverages such as coffee, alcohol, sodas, and juices does not directly affect the technology’s effectiveness on the body. Just remember to only use filtered tap water in your bottle.

Does my Weo water expire? How often should I change my product?

Our tests have demonstrated that Weo water keeps its beneficial effects several days after electrolysis. But as water is a natural element and to ensure an optimal performance, it is advised to renew and re-electrolyze your water every 24 hours.

What kind of benefits can I expect from drinking Weo water?

Weo’s technology is scientifically proven to enhance the natural health properties of water. With consistent product use, you can expect to feel your best self, improve energy levels and overall wellness. Most importantly, you will be giving your body one of the most effective forms of hydration there is, water. 

Are there negative effects to drinking Weo water?

Every human body is different, which means everyone will see different reactions to the changes that occur as a result of Weo’s powerful water. Please consult with your licensed health care provider if you have any concerns or before starting any new health intervention. Although uncommon, you may experience an increase in frequency of urination and bowel movements per day, which is a normal response to increased hydration. However, if you are experiencing something that is concerning to you, please contact your healthcare provider.

When can I expect to see benefits from drinking Weo water?

Benefits from Weo water can vary from a few days after use to weeks. Though you might not see or feel changes, know that the water you drink from Weo’s products is working where it matters most.

Is there such a thing as drinking too much Weo water?

 Your intake should be personalized as per your age, activity level and the intake of dehydrating substances such as medication and caffeine intake.  Always consult your licensed health care provider for exact requirements. It is important to note that most of us are under-doing it when it comes to staying hydrated!

What if it comes into contact with eyes or skin?

Since it is still water at the end of the day, it’s harmless for any external contact.

Is this the same form of electrolysis that is involved in hair removal?


Can I put any other beverages inside my bottle?

No. Weo’s products are designed to work specifically with filtered water only.  The use of other beverages such as alcohol, tea, coffee, or juices may damage the device and could be harmful.

Why does the water inside my bottle turn cloudy after I electrolyze it?

If you notice that the water inside your bottle turns a bit cloudy immediately after electrolysis, do not worry!  This is simply due to the generation of tiny hydrogen and oxygen bubbles that are beneficial to your health. 

How works the pre-order Option 1 for The Weo Bottle?

Option 1:Reserve your Weo Bottle now until the official Launch on November 15th, 2022. Pay the full price today and get a 20% discount off the regular price. Once you confirm your order on November 15th, your Weo Bottle will receive priority shipping. 


How works the pre-order Option 2 for The Weo Bottle?

Option 2: Reserve your Weo Bottle now until the official Launch
on November 15th, 2022. Pay a deposit of $1 and get a 10% discount
off the regular price. Once you confirm your order on November 15th, your Weo Bottle will receive priority shipping. 

I just placed by pre-order for The Weo Bottle, when can I expect my product?

If you purchased a Weo Bottle during our presale that started on September 20th, your bottle will ship once the official public on-sale begins on November 15th.