The world’s global leader in deep water science research & innovation. 

The world’s global leader in deep water science research & innovation. 

The Future of Health is Precision Water.

At Weo, we are combining cutting technology and fundamental water science research to drive the future of water and the application of precision water for human, animal, and plant health. Starting from the water your food consumes!

Our R&D programs range from revolutionary ways to enable skin radiance with clinical trials initiating, to impactful ways to reduce methane gas emissions in livestock for the health of our planet.

Our team of scientists includes both lab and field experts in the areas of electrochemistry, water science, crop science, cellular senescence as it relates to both aging and cancer, animal scientists, physiologists, and clinicians.


Water Science
Investigating the physical and chemical properties of Weo water and its beneficial health effects, and bio species created, using cutting-edge technologies.


Healthy Aging
Investigating in clinical settings Weo water’s properties and their effects on each hallmark of inflammaging, and primarily on telomere attrition (DNA methylation), cellular senescence, and genomic instability (mitigating dangerous free radicals).


As a direct continuity of its exploratory research on inflammation and immune health, Weo is committed to cancer research from prevention (potential therapeutic complement) to evaluation of Weo’s impact on tumor growth, angiogenesis, necrosis and cancer cells migration.


Skin Health
Investigating innovative ways to mitigate damage caused by bad free radicals and to protect the skin against the overload of oxidant species, by activating the anti-aging pathway. Demonstrating Weo’s efficacy in mitigating the effects and discomfort of atopic dermatitis (eczema model).


Metabolic Health
Exploring preclinical research on the hallmarks of MS, particularly on glucose dysregulation, increased blood pressure and triglycerides level.


Immune Health
Assessing and specifying Weo’s properties on maintaining the homeostasis of the immune system. Simultaneously assessing how Weo can contribute to an effective adaptive immune response against pathogens and cancer cells while preventing senescence (aging) of the immune system.

& Yield

Plant Health & Yield
Assessing Weo water’s impact on crop production through faster growth rate, increased yield, and lower fertilizer requirements. Demonstrating Weo’s specific performance in the post-harvest industry (cleaning and packing lines).

& Yield

Animal Health & Yield
Assessing detailed benefits on 10M animals drastically improving welfare & key performance metrics including decrease in mortality rates, markers of mastitis & bacteria (E. coli & Salmonella) in animal agriculture housing, increase in growth rate, feed efficiency, milk, egg & chick production, as well as enhanced reproductive health.


Diamond Materials
Investigating our unique diamond technology know-how to ensure the high quality of all our products (diamond electrodes optimizations, boron atoms calibration, etc.), Weo’s highly protected Research & Development.


Electro Chemistry
In-depth investigation around Weo’s unique technology and how it allows, through electrochemical energy, to break water molecules apart and create new structural properties and bioactive species.


Pet Health
Researching wellness solutions to provide for the growing shift from active care to preventative care blood flow circulation, metabolism, digestion, skin health / wound healing, immune and metabolic health of pets.


Pathogen Mitigation
Analyzing how oxidizing species can help increase productivity while combating pathogenic infestation (bacterial, fungal, viral) and assessing chemical-free alternatives.


Soil Health
Illustrating the ways in which Weo water supports beneficial microbes, suppresses harmful pathogens, prevents toxic compounds buildup in soils, promotes root growth, improves nutrient availability and water-holding capacity.

Of Livestock
Methane Gas

Mitigation Of Livestock
Methane Gas Emissions
Investigating sustainable and cost-effective ways to reduce cow methane emissions – thus, overall greenhouse gases – by optimizing the water that cows drink, to both mitigate climate change and promote regenerative livestock practices.


Crop Science
Through tests operated on millions of fruits and vegetables, we are validating increases in agricultural yields with reduced need for chemical inputs, from nursery to greenhouses, and across all types of farms (traditional, organic, hydroponic, vertical).

Weo Technology & Human Health

Our areas of therapeutic research are Skin conditions, Cancer/ Angiogenesis/ Tumor growth, Liver fibrosis and Metabolic syndrome.

Health Aging

Weo has demonstrated exciting results in areas related to aging such as cellular senescence. A component of our water has been shown, in clinical settings, to keep our telomeres long and our free radical burden down – both linked to healthy aging. Our vision is to create precision water that depending on what is driving our aging process, will help prevent and possibly even reverse its effects.


In collaboration with many prestigious universities and research partners, Weo has invested in science research using both ex vivo and in vivo studies to drive precision water innovation in this space. As we continue to pursue this novel, and essential research, we are excited for what the future holds for our technology; supporting people’s journey in healing from unwanted side effects of cancer therapies. 

Metabolic Syndrome

Preclinical data done in collaboration with esteemed European partners has shown a positive effect in one of the hallmarks of Metabolic Syndrome – glucose dysregulation. We look forward to continuing our research in making precision water an essential lever to help combat MS – a simple solution we’re all looking for to keep us healthy!

Weo Technology & Agriculture

We have done field trials with over 10 million farm animals, and more than a million fruits & vegetables combined.

Food security

Weo is committed to and has invested in eco-friendly ways to increase efficiencies in food production to enable food security for the growing population.  Weo has partnered with farmers and large producers across the US and Europe to demonstrate increases in productivity, reducing the use of hormones and fertilizers.  

Animal Welfare

Weo has partnered with farmers and producers in the US and Europe in diverse agricultural sectors to improve drinking water quality, reduce stress in animals as well as the overall need for antibiotics and medications, resulting in increased livability.

Environmental Stewardship

Weo is committed to sustainable agricultural practices and investigating ways to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Food Safety

Weo is committed to food safety and environmental stewardship and has shown effectiveness in mitigating the presence of harmful bacteria associated with food borne illnesses; serving as a chemical free alternative to post-harvest processing of fruits and vegetables.

Weo Water Science

Weo is the world’s global leader in deep water science research & innovation.

The human body is made up of 50-70% percent water and that water makes up more than 70% of total cell mass yet fundamental water science has largely been overlooked as a means for optimizing health.

To understand Weo water and its properties at the atomic level, sophisticated and high resolution techniques are essential. 

Our water science team has developed a strategic plan to elucidate the unique properties of Weo water today and their ties to beneficial health effects using cutting edge technologies. 

In collaboration with prestigious universities across the US and Europe, we have uncovered novel structural and chemical properties demonstrating the antioxidant effects of Weo Water, its unique structure, and the 200+ bio-species, created as a result of its restructuring at the molecular level.

& laboratories

to whom we entrust our scientific research.

Weo Technology

Weo Technology is a unique wellness device using a patented, membrane less, direct-flow, boron-doped diamond electrolysis system which produces one-of-a-kind water made up of blended properties and components.

What is Weo Technology?

In other words, Weo’s cutting-edge technology uses electrochemical energy to split water molecules apart; creating new structural properties and molecules, including oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2), antioxidants, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and combinations of each.

Why use Boron-doped diamonds? What is special about that technology?

Boron-doped Diamond (BDD) electrodes are made up of powerful and innovative materials with outstanding properties. Unlike other technologies on the market using metal electrodes, diamonds are known for their stability and long-term durability to avoid any risks of metals permeating into your drinking water. 

Why use material made up of diamond?

What makes Weo’s membrane-less technology different is its powerful and innovative materials that allows for a wide electrochemical range. All of this creates a unique water with a mixture of chemical and physical properties, including O2, H2 and other biomolecules that have been shown to independently promote health. Weo technology is powered to enhance water’s specific properties which are fundamental to life.


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