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Weo is the only company conducting comprehensive research in the fundamental understanding of water and how its properties can benefit human health.


Who We Are

It all started with a question: What if we could get more out of life? More time, a healthier planet, a stronger immune system–all of these are essential to living a longer, more fruitful life. Weo is a conscientious health-tech company generating impact by revolutionizing the way we drink water.

We, along with Earth’s plants and animals, all need this powerful molecule to survive. So, why not dedicate all of our resources–backed by a stellar team of researchers–towards understanding what makes water so important to us all? 


The Weo Story

For 20 years, we have partnered with the world’s leading experts in biochemistry and product development to perfect the technology inside our products. Born in France and based in Miami, FL, our team of scientists and engineers are working to evolve the filtered water we drink to improve health from the inside out.

The patented Weo biotechnology uses a unique form of electrolysis to amplify the health benefits in water, and is easily installed at home or used on-the-go–making augmented water available to everyone.

Our Values

The Research

We’re among the first biotech companies to investigate the power of water on plants, animals, and humans, on a cellular level. Our 20+ years of research studies have proven that Weo’s technology amplifies the fundamental properties of water and boosts its positive health effects on all living things.

Since 2000, we have partnered with key research institutes in Europe, Canada and the US to test the effectiveness of Weo’s biotechnology on plants and animals. For over two decades, we have seen an overwhelmingly positive impact across the board– increasing production levels, strengthening immunity, boosting microbiome diversity and more. These numerous studies show that our augmented water is scientifically-proven to stimulate the immune system.

The Weo Difference

Unlike other augmented water products out there, the Weo technology doesn’t add anything to the filtered water you drink. No sugars, no additives, no alkalinities, just water that has been boosted by natural, scientific processes.

In fact, our unique electrolysis process doesn’t affect the natural pH balance of water. The results you see and feel when drinking Weo Water are because we’ve been able to harness the molecule’s strongest hydrating properties–and amplify them. Weo Water keeps the pH neutral Body cells (blood, brain, muscles etc…) can only live at a pH 7.35. Gut and stomach must stay from pH 1.5 to 3.0. Drinking
alkaline water pH9+ will always be mitigated by the body’s pH regulation that must maintain strict pH values.

Weo is the only health-technology that changes the water using all combined properties of water with no additives to provide health benefits to all living species.