Weo Technology improves the Health and Wellness of Animals, Plants, and Humans.

How does it Work?

When water passes through our unique electrolysis technology, made with Boron Doped Diamond and Silicon Electrode materials, known for their robust physical and chemical properties, a series of redox reactions occur which result in the creation of water with unique bioactive species and properties, including reduced ORP, increased dissolved oxygen, molecular hydrogen, and other hydrogen and oxygen species, with demonstrated beneficial effects on various aspects of crop production.

Weo Water Properties


No harsh chemicals

No change in pH

Lowers ORP
by up to -500 mV

Increases dissolved
oxygen by 50-200%

Produces 250-1500 ppb molecular hydrogen

What are the benefits
of Weo
Bioactive species in water?

Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

  • Promotes tolerance to environmental stress caused by extreme temperatures, heat, drought, salinity, heavy metals, UV, etc.  – Cui et al. (2014); Wu et al. (2019); Zeng et al. (2013); Zulfiqar et al. (2021) 
  • Regulates gene expression and signal transduction – Cui et al. (2020); Wu et al. (2020)
  • Increases vase life and quality of cut flowers – Ren et al. (2017); Su et al. (2019)

Dissolved Oxygen (O2)

  • Promotes root growth and increases root mass – Kurashina et al. (2019)
  • Increases fresh biomass by 23-26% – Ouyang et al. (2019)
  • Increases yield by 21-32% – Zhu et al. (2017); Liu et al. (2019); Du et al. (2019) Wen et al. (2014); Chen et al. (2018)

Reactive Oxygen & Nitrogen Species (RONS)

  • Scarify seeds and inactivate seed-borne pathogens – Jisha et al. (2013); Araújo et al. (2016); Antoniou et al. (2016); Thomas & Puthur (2017)
  • Regulate developmental processes such as cell proliferation and differentiation, programmed cell death, seed germination, gravitropism, root hair growth and pollen tube development, senescence, etc. – Malik et al. (2013); Singh et al. (2016)

Studies have demonstrated Weo technology’s widespread beneficial effects on crop production.

1. Increases seed germination rates and seedling growth




2. Increases crop biomass

3. Increases crop nutrient uptake

Leaf nutrient concentrations in mature bell pepper plants

4. Improves stress tolerance

Lettuce subjected to salinity/nutrient stress

5. Weo technology can also be calibrated for pathogen mitigation.

Weo can mediate pathogens in water and reduce disease incidence but can also be calibrated to completely eliminate harmful microbes, such as E. coli and Salmonella. Therefore, Weo can serve as a chemical-free alternative for postharvest processing of fruits and vegetables.

A near complete inactivation of green mold (Penicillium digitatum)

63–85% inactivation in 15–45 min with no salt
98% inactivation in 15 min by adding salt

Mitigates hard to kill Salmonella

2-4 log reduction in 15 min
6-8 log reduction in 30 min

Cocktail of S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis, S. newport, and S. infantis

Inactivates up to 99% of E. coli

Weo technology provides
solutions for your agricultural needs.

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