Weo technology has shown Positive Impacts in Egg production, Pullet Farm & Broiler Packing Plant.


Weo technology has shown
Positive Impacts on Broiler farms

in ADG

in mortality by

in FCR by
0.03 lbs feed/lb gain


Weo technology has shown
Positive Impacts on Breeder farms

egg production by

Increase of
12.47 eggs
/hen per flock

Decrease in FCR
by 0.376 lbs feed/dozen eggs

Decreased First
10-day chick mortality
by 16.29%


Mortality in first 10 days


Percentage of Hens Producing 1 Egg per Day


Increase in Egg Production

Weo improves the Health & Wellness of Animals, Plants, & Humans.


No harsh chemicals

No change in pH

How does it Work?

Water passes through our unique water electrolysis technology, made with Boron Doped Diamond and Silicon Electrode materials, known for their robust chemical and physical properties, causing a series of redox reactions or chemical changes which result in the creation of unique antioxidant properties and bioactive species with demonstrated effects.

What are the benefits
of Weo
Bioactive species in water?

Molecular Hydrogen (H2)
Helps animals adapt to environmental stressors

Dissolved Oxygen (O2)
Promotes growth
in animals

Benefit overall health in animal production


The increase in egg production is very impressive

Breeder Manager - Florida


The plumbing has never been cleaner and no longer has a biofilm

Farm Owner - Georgia


The Weo team demonstrates a dedication to customer service and takes pride in delivering tailored solutions that precisely meets the unique needs of our contract growers in a prompt and efficient manner.

Production Director - Florida

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