No additives.
Just science.

No need to worry about unknown ingredients here.
Our unique technology only enhances water through electrolysis for seriously powerful hydration.

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Water that
Works for You.

Check “staying healthy” off your to-do list. Weo’s water promotes relaxation, improves energy, and features immune-boosting technology with every sip.

The Weo Science

We’re among the first biotech companies to investigate the power of water on plants, animals, and humans, on a cellular level.

Our 20+ years of research studies have proven that Weo’s technology amplifies the fundamental properties of water and boosts its positive health effects on all living things. 

Since 2000, we have partnered with key research institutes in Europe, Canada and the US to test the effectiveness of Weo’s biotechnology on plants and animals.

For over two decades, we have seen an overwhelmingly positive impact across the board– increasing production levels, strengthening immunity, boosting microbiome diversity and more. These numerous studies show that our augmented water is scientifically-proven to stimulate the immune system.

With such surprising results, it was only a matter of time until we focused our efforts on improving human health as well. After working with numerous farmers and dozens of millions of plants and animals, our patented technology is geared toward enhancing our body’s most important biological functions.

Wound healing, immune cells, and cellular rejuvenation are among the main areas of focus for our research studies–with substantial data that proves our augmented water strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates organs.

The Weo App

Stay on Track.

Our life-changing technology doesn’t stop with The Weo Bottle. Each product is meant to be integrated with the Weo App, allowing you to track your hydration anytime, anywhere.

Use the app to activate your bottle, initiate its self-cleaning mode, monitor health levels and water consumption, check your environmental impact, and stay connected to the Weo Community.


The Weo Community

Whether you’d like to share your hydration journey with the world (#BetterWater), or want to learn more about the science inside your bottle, make sure to follow us to stay connected. Remember, the power of water is what you make of it. You can make a huge difference on your path to better health. We only hope that our product and its smart technology helps inspire you to keep up a happy, healthy lifestyle. Cheers!