Weo Science

Water is at the center of all biological processes. 

We’re among the first biotech companies to investigate the power of water on plants, animals, and humans, on a cellular level. Our 20+ years of research studies have proven that Weo’s technology amplifies the fundamental properties of water and boosts its positive health effects on all living things on both short and long term. 

Since 2000, we have partnered with key research institutes in Europe and the US to demonstrate the effectiveness of Weo’s biotechnology on plants and animals. For over two decades, we have seen an overwhelmingly positive impact across the board– increasing production levels, strengthening immunity, boosting microbiome diversity and more. 

With such surprising results, it was only a matter of time until we focused our efforts on improving human health as well. After working with nearly 100 farmers and dozens of millions of plants and animals, our patented technology is geared toward enhancing our body’s most important biological functions. 

Wound healing, immune cells, and cellular rejuvenation are among the main areas of focus for our research studies–with substantial data that proves our augmented water helps maintain a healthy immune system and reduce the appearance of aging.


The greatest conundrum of life is that we all want to grow old, but no one wants to get older. This is one of the reasons the field of anti-aging has become one of the hottest topics of discussion, and scientific research. From beauty companies and health foods to pharmaceutical and supplement development, all are striving to bring promises of “anti-aging” to your hands.

But what does aging mean? What does it look like in the body? And how can we really reverse aging? Look no further than science to tell you what’s really going on and with this sound scientific knowledge we can work towards the goal of bringing this promise to life.

At Weo we are investigating the nine hallmarks of aging. One of which includes senescence of your cells. This biological process is where old cells stop being metabolically active. They don’t die per se but are in what is best thought of as a “zombie” state. The downside of cells undergoing senescence is that they secrete what are known as SAPS factors. These factors cause inflammation and aging! We at Weo have an entire team of prestigious scientists researching the effects of Weo water on senescence. Our studies show promise in mitigating one of the most villainous processes of aging.

Cancer & Inflammation

Despite our best efforts, cancer rates are not dropping. More than 18 million cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2020. As we advance in our understanding and technological ability to detect and treat cancer, we still come to face the numbers. At Weo we are committed to the scientific discovery of therapies that may have the ability to help.

We have done research in partnership with prestigious universities and researchers to help further our mission. Moreover, we have discovered promising positive results in our labs world-wide. As part of our mission, we are committed to tackling the most pressing issues we face today, like cancer.

Exercice Performance & Recovery

If there’s one thing athletes want, it’s an edge. If there’s one thing athletic people want, it’s results. Weo water delivers on both. A component in our water has been shown to have beneficial effects on exercise performance and recovery. Knowing this, we are teaming up with elite athletes and studying our effects with subjective and objective data.

● A study in professional soccer players showed that supplementation with molecular hydrogen as compared to placebo mitigated a performance decrement during repeated sprints.

● A study performed in male cyclists demonstrated maintaining peak power output (PPO), a measure of the highest average power output recorded during a specific time, during consecutive cycling sprints (Hori A. et al, 2020).

● A third study in “healthy humans” saw after 2-weeks of continuous consumption of hydrogen-enriched water, a significantly augmented peak oxygen uptake and a trend towards increase in peak load without any significant changes in lactate levels, oxidative stress, and antioxidant responses. The authors of this study concluded, “the continuous supplementation of hydrogen water (HW) potentially augments the aerobic capacity, implying that continuous supplementation of H2 might help improve aerobic exercise performance and physical health” (Botek M, et al 2022).

● A pilot study in elite athletes showed reduction of blood lactate levels and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function (Aoki K, et al 2012).


Gut Health

The foundation of your health lies in your gut. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said over 2000 years ago “All disease begins in the gut.” A vital component of Weo water is a gut-stabilizing super star molecule.

There have been studies that show its powerful effects on feeding the good bacteria that naturally resides in our gut – the microbiome. We, at Weo, are continuing to study this effect by optimizing our precision water to target all gut issues in our sophisticated laboratories around the world.


In this day and age, we all intuitively know we need to keep our immune system in tip top shape. As the global leader in the advancement of water science research and its application to life, we at Weo have been studying the effects of our precision water on immunity.

In partnership with the research institution, INSERM we investigated Weo water’s effect on innate immunity (monocytes and natural killer lymphocytes) and adaptive immunity (T lymphocytes) of peripheral blood in an ex vivo culture. It was found that application of Weo water, unlike tap water, resulted in a maintenance of homeostasis of the immune system.

Weo water application was also found to maintain the pool of naive and memory T cells, demonstrating a specific immune response which is a mechanism by which pathogens and cancer cells are eliminated. Maintenance of the pool of naive T cells also prevents senescence – the process by which cells no longer divide yet remain metabolically active, secreting what are known as SAPS factors. These factors induce inflammation and are associated with multiple chronic diseases.

Plant & Animal Health Applied Research

Water is essential for sustaining life, and it is the backbone of global food production. Nothing can grow without water and so our entire food production, and thereby our very existence, depends on farmers having access to the water they need for their crops & livestock. Among the US Agricultural Challenges, farmers will have to grow about 70% more food than what is now produced in order to meet the demand of the growing population. If we are to feed the 10 billion people estimated to live on our planet by 2050, agricultural practices (crops and livestock) must increase efficiency. At the same time, we must address other threats such as increasingly degraded soils and the water pollution from farms.

Overall, the costs for chemical-based water treatment, veterinary follow up, and antibiotics are huge. In just over 7 years, we have done field trials with over 9 million farm animals on major commodities (poultry, swine, equine), and more than a million of fruits & vegetables combined throughout the US and Europe. Weo technology can help with these challenges while also promoting animal health and welfare with our unique water boosting technology.

Animal Health

Major animal farming commodities are pressed to increase average speed of production. Weo’s proprietary technology which augments the properties of water can be a game changer in this industry!

Among the largest expenditures for livestock farms:

  • Cost for chemical-based water treatment is high and the industry is being pressured to lower the usage of harsh chemicals that can impact the environment.
  • Veterinary as well as antibiotics costs are high and farmers are pressured towards antibiotic free agriculture due to proof of antibiotic resistance.
  • High Feed Conversion Costs (lbs of feed/lbs of weight gain). Feed is the number #1 largest expense in food animal agriculture. Feed conversion in certain livestock species is high (ex. Pigs require 3 lbs of feed to put on 1 lb of gain). Small improvements would mean millions to billions of dollars in savings and benefit the crop supply chain.
  • High Biosecurity Risk. Enclosed livestock production has a high biosecurity risk as a disease entering these facilities can cost thousands to millions of dollars by just one outbreak.

In just over 7 years, we have done field trials with over 9 million farm animals (poultry, swine, equine). We investigated the effect of administering Weo drinking water to food animal livestock on mortality rate, growth rate, egg and milk production and global production standards (cost savings, reduction in chemicals and antibiotics usage, hydration, feed conversion).  

Weo Water Benefits:

  • Positively impacts growth rate
  • Voluntary drinking
  • Lower mortality
  • Decrease in antibiotic usage
  • Increase in profits for farmers



Weo’s research on crops started in 2009. Initially, the research focused on Weo’s ability to reduce microbial contamination during postharvest processing and storage, with more focus towards improving crop performance in recent years. We have developed numerous university, community, and industry partnerships investigating Weo water’s impact on various aspects of crop production including antimicrobial properties.

Findings have indicated significant beneficial impacts on seed germination, crop growth & development, and shelf life of harvested crops. In a recent partnership between Weo Foundation and FIU (Florida International University), researchers assessed the quality of well water to help farmers develop strategies for better water use applications.