improves today the health & wellness of humans, plants, & animals as well as the environment we live in.

Our team of scientists, researchers & engineers continue to create and perfect revolutionary upgrades to water that will create a new standard for the most precious molecule.  



We use the power of science & technology to augment water’s dynamic structure, giving it properties that go beyond hydration.

Our results speak for themselves but we’re just getting started.

Immune Health

Weo Water can help balance the immune system and directly decreases the production of pro-inflammatory molecules.

Our approach uses the power of science and technology to augment water’s dynamic structure, giving it properties that go beyond hydration for the betterment of you, your food and the planet.  Our results speak for themselves but we’re just getting started.

When it comes to the health of the immune system, it’s all about balance.

With prestigious researchers around the globe, we have investigated the immune health benefits of Weo water and have found multiple positive effects in ex vivo and in vivo experiments.

Our studies have shown Weo water can help balance the immune system and also that it directly decreases the production of pro-inflammatory molecules.

In partnership with INSERM (HÔPITAL ST LOUIS – Paris – France), esteemed researchers Drs. Reem Al-Daccak and Armand Bensussan (Gallien Prize 2020) investigated the effect Weo water has on the immune system.

Study of Weo water’s effect on NK and T cells – Dec 2020

This study evaluated the impact of Weo water on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and also observed effects on the human immune system cells – NK (Natural Killer) and Thymus lymphocytes (LT). It was concluded that Weo water lowers the cytotoxic activity of NK cells activating an immunoregulatory phenotype of NK cells and decreases the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Furthermore, Weo water exerts differential effects on T cells subsets, mainly affecting the percentages of CD4 T compartment (different subsets of CD4 T cells) without any relevant effect on CD8 T cell compartment. This suggests that Weo water may have potential to induce regulatory T cell proliferation.

Weo Water & Dynamism of Immune System – June 2021

The aging of the immune system is characterized by a chronic proinflammatory state called inflammaging. This state is characterized by an imbalance in the two arms of the immune system – the innate and adaptive.  This study investigated whether Weo Water could contribute to preserving the balance between innate and adaptive immunity using an ex vivo model (PBMCs).  Results of this study concluded Weo, in contrast to tap water, helps maintain the healthful balanced adaptive to innate immune cell ratio in peripheral blood. This study also found that Weo maintained the viability of adaptive and innate immune cells and also had a more pronounced effect on major subtypes of adaptive T and NK cells of middle-age donors, suggesting that Weo Water might have a more pronounced effect on the immune system of middle-age/elderly individuals than on young ones.  Lastly, Weo Water increased the percentage of CD14 CD56 monocytes, a measure of a fine-tuning of  circulating monocytes activation towards safeguarding against tumor development.  

Conclusion: This study suggests that Weo Water could attenuate age-related changes in immune function (inflammaging) in particular in terms of protection against pathogens and decline in efficiency of vaccinations. 


Weo & Frequency of early hematopoietic progenitors’ populations in young and old mice – July 2021

The findings from this study indicate Weo water has a positive impact on old mice, in particular the CLP population, which is the main population responsible for producing the B-lineage (cells that produce antibodies upon vaccination). This signifies that a less robust response to immunization, often observed in elderly,  could be moderated by drinking Weo water, which would help maintain this pool of cells.  

Conclusion: this study suggests drinking Weo at younger age may maintain the pool of HSC and progenitors that are responsible for maintaining a healthier immune system with aging.

Water and Immune System: Functional Study – Dec 2021

In this study Weo water’s effect on innate immunity (monocytes and natural killer lymphocytes) and adaptive immunity (T lymphocytes) of peripheral blood in an ex vivo culture was performed. It was found that application of Weo water, unlike tap water, resulted in a maintenance of homeostasis of the immune system. Weo water application was also found to maintain the pool of naive and memory T cells, demonstrating a specific immune response which is a mechanism by which pathogens and cancer cells are eliminated.  Maintenance of the pool of naive T cells also prevents senescence – the process by which cells no longer divide yet remain metabolically active, secreting what are known as SAPS factors.  These factors induce inflammation and are associated with multiple chronic diseases.  

Conclusion: Weo water maintains the pool of natural killer monocytes and lymphocytes and thus may contribute to another effective innate immune response against pathogens and cancer cells.  Weo water ensures that monocytes are kept in a quiescent state and therefore may be an effective protection against systemic exacerbated inflammation (cytokine storm).

To learn more about our future investigations on how precision water can support your immune health


Healthy Aging

Weo Water has a protective effect on cells that have been stressed, allowing them to remain healthy and not prematurely turn into senescent cells. 

In recent years the field of longevity has exploded, with significant breakthroughs in understanding how we can live longer, healthier lives. 

Research on the biology of aging has focused on understanding the cellular and molecular processes underlying gradual changes associated with aging. 

Researchers have found that there is not just one thing that causes us to age but rather many driving factors. In fact in a recently published article proposed that there are 12 hallmarks that drive the aging process.

In partnership with external experts from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging we have shown, using models of oxidative stress, Weo water has had a protective effect on cells that have been stressed, allowing them to remain healthy and not prematurely turn into senescent cells. 

These healthy aging properties of Weo water add to the benefits hydration provides which your body so desperately needs to function properly. 



To explore our vision for the future of our precision water in the area of healthy aging


Skin Health

Weo Water is a revolutionary way to treat the health of your skin from the inside out with internal bio-dermatology!

Some of the most exciting areas of innovation in beauty and skin care health are not what you’d expect. This is because traditionally the focus has been the application of external products such as injections, creams and serums, but the future of skin care is treating it from the inside out.  The new exciting field is called bio-dermatology because the health of your skin, our largest organ,  is dependent upon what is going on inside your body! 

At Weo, we know the key to your best skin is not only found on what we put on our skin but what we put into our body, especially when it comes to the most critical macromolecule for radiant skin-health, water. 

On this journey, our patented boron-doped diamond electrolysis technology has been found to induce many positive effects in ex vivo and in vivo models for skin health, as well as results based on our most recent consumer test.

These findings are part of a robust repertoire of positive findings in various areas of health Weo has conducted and continues to pursue with cutting-edge research and technology!



Nov 2017 DARTSH Scientific – Wound Healing BDD-Si Weo – Germany 

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of Weo water on cell regeneration/wound healing process of cultured connective tissue fibroblasts (in vitro). 

Conclusion: the addition of Weo water to cell culture resulted in a dose-dependent stimulation of migration and proliferation of connective tissue cells which caused an accelerated wound healing process compared to controls. 

June 2018 DARTSH Scientific – Wound Healing -BDD Weo vs. Others – Germany

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of a XX* Sil electrode on the cell regeneration/wound healing process of cultured connective tissue fibroblasts. 

Conclusion: The results concluded, the use of a DSA electrode for electrolysis caused no stimulatory effect on cell regeneration in comparison to tap water as control.

The use of BDD-xx* electrodes for electrolysis caused a stimulatory effect of 15-20 % on cell regeneration/wound healing in comparison to supply water as control.

The use of a XX* Sil electrode for electrolysis caused a pronounced and significant stimulatory effect on cell regeneration in comparison to tap water as control. 

To explore our vision for the future of our precision water in the area of healthy skin


Metabolic Health

Studies have shown a bioactive in Weo water helps to maintain healthy weight, triglyceride levels and fasting insulin – all markers reflecting good metabolic health.The results in those who have issues with blood glucose, have even better results. Our internal research continues to study these positive effects to support our vision to create Precision water to help you day in and day out with your metabolic health!

There are exciting results on a known bioactive in Weo water being able to have positive effects on your metabolic health.

Based on the amazing results on this known bioactive in Weo water, we are continuing our research to explore and optimize the positive effects Weo water can have on your metabolic health.

Exercise Performance

Exercise is one of the most important pillars of health.  It provides benefits that outweigh even the most advanced medical interventions to date.

When we take the time out of our busy schedules to work-out we want to get the best results.  Being hydrated has been shown to be one of the best ways to get the best ROI for your time sweating it out. 

Excitingly, a bioactive found in Weo water has also been shown to help with exercise, when it comes to the normal decline in performance.  In multiple studies, this bioactive helped people engaged in various forms of exercise with this aspect.

Drinking Weo water helps you stay hydrated and gives you this added benefit to keep your exercise routine one that works better for you!

To explore our vision for the future of our precision water in the area of Metabolic Health & Exercice Performance


Weo is a deep tech science company that was founded with a mission to improve the health and wellness of humans, plants, and animals by enhancing the natural properties of water using our unique, eco-friendly, water calibration technology.

Our approach combines the power of boron doped diamond electrolysis technology and the natural properties of water with the internal scientific expertise and the collaborations of leading scientists around the world to drive deeper understanding of how to calibrate water to address specific health needs for humans, plants and animals .

Our research ranges from investigating revolutionary ways to enable skin radiance with an inside out approach with clinical trials to investigating impactful ways to reduce methane gas emissions in livestock for the health of our planet. We are committed to driving health throughout the journey of life starting from the water your food eats. We are deeply invested in water science and understanding water on a new level and more importantly the impact it can have on you, your pets, and your plants’ health as well as the environment we and your children will live in.


Weo Water Science

Weo is the world’s global leader in deep water science research & innovation.

The human body is made up of 50-70% percent water and that water makes up more than 70% of total cell mass yet fundamental water science has largely been overlooked as a means for optimizing health.

To understand Weo water and its properties at the atomic level, sophisticated, high resolution techniques are essential.  Our water science team has developed a strategic plan to elucidate the unique properties of Weo water today and their ties to beneficial health effects using cutting edge technologies. 

In collaboration with prestigious universities across the US and Europe, we have uncovered novel structural and chemical properties demonstrating the antioxidant properties of Weo Water, its unique structural properties and the biospecies that have been created as a result of its restructuring at the molecular level.

Weo Water Molecule Structure

Dec 2022 – Atomic Level Characterization of of Weo water using scanning tunneling microscopy 

This study used advanced forms of scanning probe microscopy including scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and kelvin force microscopy(KFM) to characterize atomic level differences of Weo water vs. tap water.  The objectives are ongoing but include investigation of hydrogen bond dynamics and structure, the identification of charged species, energy availability, and antioxidant properties.  Initial results include STM images of Weo water vs Tap water and show mapping of different electron densities and particle sizes including both highly oriented structures and smaller entities including hydrogens with different bond lengths and energies.  Electron density differences are important because electrons will flow from areas of high density to low density in a chemical reaction so this is a first step in understanding Weo water’s capacity to react with biological molecules in our body.

Using KFM, charged surface groups were mapped and WEO water was found to have negatively charged species as low as -550mV, confirming its antioxidant properties. Overall, highly atomic resolution STM images showed WEO water has particular patterns of oxygens and hydrogens suggesting biomolecular properties and unique species as well as more bioavailable hydrogens which can serve as antioxidants. The demonstration of these properties suggests Weo water may have protective effects against oxidative stress and the downstream effects of its deleterious effects.

Weo Technology

Weo Technology is a unique wellness device whereby we use a patented, membrane less, direct-flow, boron doped diamond electrolysis technology to produce a unique water made up of blended properties and constituents.

What is Weo Technology?

 In other words, we have a cutting-edge technology that uses energy (electrochemical energy) to break water molecules apart and create new structural properties and molecules including oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2), antioxidants, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and combinations of each.

Why are you using boron doped diamonds? What is special about that technology?

Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) electrodes are made up of powerful and innovative materials with outstanding properties.  Unlike many other technologies on the market who are using metal electrodes, diamonds are known for their stability and long-term durability and thus you don’t have the risk of metals leaching into water that you drink. 

Why use material made up of diamond?

Weo’s membrane-less technology is differentiated because of its powerful and innovative materials allowing for its wide electrochemical window.  All of this allows for the creation of a unique water that has a mixture of chemical and physical properties including its mixture of both O2, H2 and other biomolecules that have been shown to independently promote health.  Weo technology is powered to enhance water’s specific properties which are fundamental to life.


Weo Technology & Agriculture

We have done field trials with over 10 million farm animals, and more than a million of fruits & vegetables combined.

Food security

Weo is committed to and has invested in eco-friendly ways to increase efficiencies in food production to enable food security for the growing population.  Weo has partnered with farmers and large producers across the US and Europe to demonstrate increases in productivity without the use of hormones or additional fertilizers.  

Animal Welfare

Weo has partnered with farmers and producers in the US and Europe in many agriculture sectors to improve drinking water quality, reduce stress in animals  and reduce the overall need for antibiotics and water fed medications resulting in increased livability.

Environmental Stewardship

Weo is committed to sustainable agricultural practices and investigating ways to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Food Safety

Weo is committed to food safety and environmental stewardship and has demonstrated effectiveness in mitigating the presence of harmful bacteria associated with food borne illnesses serving as a chemical free alternative to post harvest processing of fruits,  vegetables.

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We want everyone to experience a longer, happier, healthier life.

Our research is a huge step in the right direction toward making better, smarter health possible around the world.


Water is the essential molecule that all living things depend upon to survive.

Our work at the Weo Foundation strives to fund water research and education that is vital to your health.


We are dedicated to leaving our planet better than we found it.

Just three years of using Weo products is equivalent to saving 1 billion plastic bottles from entering global production.


After knowing what Weo does today and its vision for tomorrow, are you willing to risk not drinking it?