7 Healthy New Trends to Add to Your Health Radar

It’s no secret that healthy habits are the key to a healthy life. But what if you could hack your health with technology? According to new research, you can. Here are seven cutting-edge wellness technologies worth adding to your radar.

1. Wearable Devices

If you’re struggling to get enough shut-eye, there are wearable devices that can help. For instance, the Oura Ring is a smart ring that tracks your sleep and provides personalized guidance on how to get better rest.[*] It also monitors your activity levels and heart rate, so you can see how your sleep patterns are affected by your overall health and fitness.

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2. Telemedicine

For those times when you can’t make it to the doctor’s office, there’s telemedicine. This growing trend allows you to consult with a healthcare professional via video chat. Whether you need help managing a chronic condition or just have a quick question, telemedicine can provide on-demand access to quality care.[*]

3. AI-Enabled Devices

There’s a growing number of devices that use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your health. For example, the Lark device is a wearable that uses AI to coach you on healthy habits like sleep and diet. And the Vi fitness tracker uses AI to create custom workout plans based on your fitness level and goals.

4. At-Home Health Tests

Want to avoid the doctor’s office? There are now a variety of at-home health tests that can give you insights into your health. For example, the Everlywell food sensitivity test uses a finger-prick blood test to measure your body’s reaction to 96 foods. And the Viome at-home gut test uses a stool sample to identify the microbes in your gut and assess your gut health.

5. Digital Therapies

If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues, there’s a digital therapy for that. We can use these tools every day to help us keep track of our physical and mental health.[*] Online programs like Headspace and Calm offer meditation and mindfulness exercises to help you relax. And TalkSpace provides online therapy sessions with licensed therapists.

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6. Importance of Gut Health

The gut is often called the “second brain” because it contains so many neurons – more than the spinal cord.[*] And just like our brains, our gut microbiomes play a role in our health. There’s evidence that an imbalance of gut microorganisms is linked to a variety of illnesses, including obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, autism, digestive issues, and autoimmune diseases.[*] But it’s not just about the bacteria – it’s also about the diversity of those bacteria. As researchers continue to study the gut microbiome, they’re finding that a healthy gut contains many different types of bacteria. A diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and nuts promotes gut diversity. And as we learn more about the gut microbiome, we may be able to specifically target our diets to improve our gut health

7. Amplified Water

This one’s for the health-conscious techies out there. Amplified water is something to add to your radar if you’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest health and wellness trends.[*] So what exactly is amplified water? Well, it’s created by passing filtered water through an electrode coated with a thin layer of manufactured diamond and boron. The result is water that is more “bioavailable” and thus better able to hydrate the body and deliver nutrients. This is a far better alternative to sodas and sugary drinks.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, diet, or mental health, there’s a wellness technology out there for you. So why not give some of these discoveries a try? Your health will thank you for it.

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