Reducing inflammation for a healthy aging roadmap

It’s no secret that chronic inflammatory diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disorders are on the rise, which makes inflammaging the most common cause of disease on the planet. This startling statistic above should encourage each of us to take steps today to control inflammaging — an age-related increase in the levels of pro-inflammatory markers in blood and tissues – the very driver of all chronic diseases we fight against.

Starting April 25th, we’ll be part of the Dr Talks’ Reverse Inflammaging Summit to help you crack the code!

What is inflammaging?

Aging is marked by increased amounts of oxidative stress, where there is an unbalance in what is referred to as “red-ox” – a measure of the amount of reductive species (think antioxidants) to the amount of oxidants (think free radicals, the molecules that injury the body). Unbalanced oxidant-burden, which is found as we age, leads to inflammation in the body. And not the good kind we need after we have an injury in order to heal – acute inflammation. Chronic inflammation ties back to every disease we deal with today.

Inflammaging is like a smoldering fire that can wreak havoc on our body over time. The ember may not be immediately damaging, but over time it can build up and lead to serious health problems. But just as we can extinguish a smoldering fire, we can also start controling inflammaging by adopting healthy preventative habits.

Weo’s Research on Inflammaging

Research done in collaboration with many prestigious universities and partners has demonstrated that water produced by Weo’s patented boron-doped diamond electrolysis has properties that help prevent and reverse inflammaging. The biomolecules components that Weo technology produces have been shown in these human clinical trials to address each of the 9 “Hallmarks of aging”:

To learn more about the root causes and find out how to reduce inflammation: